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  1. A very sobering read,I need to pause…from my experience, if you have had a long history with any form of sexual immorality,for example; homosexuality is associated with the spirit of lust. The energetic dynamics are linked to baphomet, I am talking about demonics, I am talking about a energetic pathway that draws people into anti- life behaviours. I could elaborate alot more but this is not the platform. I recommended that you consult a prayer team as soon as the temptations come over you, you need to develop an awareness of the anti life structures at work, the principalities. You need a 5 secound rule. When I was serving in the army I was trained to protect myself against nerve agent poisoning. It was important to have applied your breathing apparatus within 9 secounds. apply the power of God’s word over the issue within 5 seconds. You need to put a antidote in place, and train yourself to apply it within 5 secounds or so.
    You have to behave like you have been bitten by a venomous snake or what ever analogies work for you, my central point is the sooner you apply God’s word the better. Visualise yourself putting on the whole armor of God. Back it up with scriptures, contact the need to know basies prayer team or support network and arrange a meeting. Do not under any circumstances attempt to handle it on your own because you are not alone.This is a powerful approach,then last thing, you can celebrate the victory in Christ.
    If you want to destroy something big, you need very powerful tools.

    Thank you


    Paul Nelson

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