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  1. Jesus went on to illustrate the nature of servanthood to the point where He lay down His life on the cross. Until it happened, the disciples could not comprehend the spiritual truth of servanthood. Service to others not service to self Amen 🤲🏿

    The very vast, immeasurable nature of God defies human measure or comprehension. None of the abilities we use so frequently in the flesh will ever manage to grasp even the simplest spiritual truth. Only Holy Spirit regeneration and revelation make spiritual understanding possible.Amen 🙏🏾

    It is God alone who decides the what, how, when, why, and where of our lives. The clay doesn’t demand understanding but yields to the potter’s hand.🤲🏿 Amen

    I just have to give thanks, I am saved.
    Oh -my- God ….Jesus!!!

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