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  1. Alisa Childers in her apologetic book Another Gospel? asked in the Discussion Guide at the end, “have you or someone close to you ever gone through “spiritual labor”?

    I was like, ‘what does that mean exactly?’

    So, I was just looking up the biblical definition of “spiritual labor” when God led me to this article. I really needed to hear this now.

    This article was very encouraging for me and answered some semi-conscious questions that have been bothering me.

    I thought, ‘if what I am doing (spiritual labor) is what God wants me to do, shouldn’t there be visible results? Fruit? Conversions?” I have never seen anyone converted by any of my labors. I was starting to feel discouraged. It’s also at the same time that my “covering,” the people around me are suffering spiritual hindrances [I am praying for them]. Consequently, they have not been as available to me.

    I see the truth that that isn’t always or even often the case that we will see the fruit of our spiritual labors. Some are sowers. Some are reapers. We don’t know how God will use our labors.

    I think I am a sower and that can be a very lonely and thankless job. Most of my relatives including my two boys are non-believers and the gospel/my testimonials I share seems to smell like garbage to them. Their responses can be discouraging.

    What we should always keep in mind, though, is that we do all for the glory of Jesus, not ourselves. And, if God wants us to do it, it WILL have a positive result!

    For me, my spiritual leader befriended me 20 years ago. It took 10 years of ministering to me for me to finally take Jesus as my Savior! Then it took another 10 years of ministering to me before I finally took Jesus as my Lord!

    That’s a good lesson for me, too.

    Thank you for your encouraging article! It’s a good reminder that God’s ways are not our ways. His ways are ALWAYS good.

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