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  1. One of the errors of the “Counter Reformation” was to make Israel and the Church two seperate relationships that Jesus has. Christ only has one bride now the Church. He divorced Israel and her trecherous sister Judah for unfaithfulness. So the true Israel are those who obey Christ so today it’s the church, Jew and Gentile (middle wall of partition has been done away). If those in the church are unfaithful they will be considered the foolish virgins and cast out. Satans counterfeit has come through the Jesuit order under the Pope or rather Antichrist who launched the counter reformation after the reformation to bring all back under the control of the Pope or rather the Antichrist ( they have just about finished their goal. The covid hoax is the beginning of agenda 2030. Please look it up and do your own homework.

  2. Hello
    I found your site just this morning and I have been enjoying reading some of your devotions. I will return often, You have been “book marked,”

    Thank You

  3. First of all I’m enjoying this site and am looking forward to learning more.
    But the new covenant was not made with me or any man ( the mosaic covenant was an inferior covenant because it was made with the Israelites) Gods new and better covenant was made with God the father and Christ (Gal 3:16) also the verse in hebrews He swore by himself & Christ is the surety of our salvation , He entered into the holy place with His blood once and forever ( eternal) , this is an eternal covenant based on the finished work new priesthood , the law was fulfilled in Christ and the father now relates to us based on His work not ours based on our faith in Him and if we said yes to Christ then we are a new creation, how can we break a covenant that wasn’t made with us ? How is it conditional if I’m already qualified past tense United with Him ( seated with Him)etc? Is He going to unborn me?

  4. I bumped into the site some days ago, and i must say it is loaded.. I love your write up and i just made it my daily routine to always pick a devotional on this site to read daily.

    God bless you for this

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