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  1. The reality is that we limit God by exercising our free will towards protecting the flesh rather than surrendering the flesh. One spirit with Him means just that. It means living so closely with Him that there is no space for ‘me’ in this unity. If we want to see more of God, we need to see less of us. God wants to transform us first. Our free will defines the limit of His power at work in our lives. AMEN 🙏🏾

    This is both the purpose and the process of one spirit with Him. Outside of Christ, spiritual renewal and restoration to the purposes of God is impossible. Without Jesus, we remain flesh. As the Spirit works to entwine our spirits with that of Christ, we are gradually transformed into His likeness.

    I have been concerned about a lack of love ❤ in my life, this is because of my lack of surrender. THE I, the Me …yes, It’s been about protecting the flesh and not surrendering it.

    The book of Genesis gives us an account of how we were created, then we see how the fall came about in chapter 3. The Lord continues to seek the same level of
    relational intimacy with Adam and Eve despite the separation caused by disobedience. In Matthew 16: 13- 20 we can see again the level of relational intimacy that Jesus has with his disciples and also that of the Holy Spirit operating through the flesh. Infact…salvation is the most intense level of intermacy possible…just revealed to me now, 12-10-21 20:26 GMT.
    Earlier today I was under a spiritual attack. I stopped listening to the music I has on and found a U-tube channel that was dedicated to deliverance. I had to draw close to the Lord. My flesh could not settle me, only The Word of God could lift me out of the attack. It was a intimate moment. Intact just before I went into self deliverance my mother called and asked me if I was OK,I told her that I “think so”. I kept the call brief and placed all my attention on the Lord for deliverance. WITHOUT the dynamic of intermacy afforded by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God that it operates through I would of been over run with dispare.

    Unity with Chisit is Unity with God.

    “One flesh is The visible Example of One Spirit”. Check out that *devotional, it expands on the Unity that God guides us to in Marriage ( between Husband and Wife) and also in our covenant with him through Jesus Christ.

    Amen 🙏🏾 🤲🏿

    The Holy Spirit works to ‘fuse’ our spirits with Christ’s spirit so that spiritually, we operate as one. It’s intended to be complete, for this is how we are transformed into His image and manifest Him to the world. We cannot see where the ‘joins’ are. It’s not evident where one starts and the other ends. To all intents and purposes, we are ‘the same thing.’ We are made one spirit with an indissoluble bond.

    🛑It’s critical that we do not misunderstand this🛑 The principle can never be interpreted that we ‘become Jesus.’ The ‘me’ in this unity isn’t the key factor. Rather, Christ has the power. One spirit with Him requires that HE be in us, and the we are in HIM.

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