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  1. Rather than quoting passages from the scriptures to explain why resurrection is correct why don’t you ask God or Jesus or the saints for the truth. Is that too simple?
    I’m a Catholic healer and the work can show me people’s past lives. The same was true for the famous American healer Sylvia Browne. We’ve all had many past lives.
    Our planet is working through the biggest evolutionary upgrade in its history and it’s bringing chaos as a wake-up call and much change. I’ve been working through the upgrade for 10 years in order to clear unpleasant energies from my past lives and it’s painful. When the upgrade ends in 2032, we humans will be splitting into 4 groups each with its unique destination but that’s another story.
    I studied sciences at the University of Toronto but later switched to metaphysics because it can go beyond the limitations of science. Scientists can do amazing things like landing a robot on Mars but planetary upgrades are beyond them.
    No reply is needed, just observe what unfolds over the next 5 to 12 years. I wish you good health during the pandemic.
    Blessings. James Miller UK

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