Get today’s Gird With The Word Verse.

gird with the wordNow, more than ever, we need to ‘Gird with the Word’ and stand firm. The belt of truth is the single most important piece of a soldier’s armour. All other necessary items in the armour itself are attached to this seemingly simple piece of ‘foundation wear’ we so easily overlook.

Many believers simply don’t know the Word of God. Some of us know it but cannot quote it. We know the verse/s more or less and perhaps even vaguely where it is, but the actual correct words and reference escape us.

This the is impetus behind our Gird with the Word Challenge. It’s often difficult to ‘learn by heart’ – which is how we get the Word into our hearts where it’s available to us immediately. Learning alone can be a real schlep. Learning together is easier and lot more fun. Challenge friends, family, or your church to Gird with the Word along with you. Spur each other on, encourage and help each other, even ‘test’ each other. But learn the Word. It’s the very foundation of our faith on which all our armour depends and all our promises are fulfilled.

Every three days, we’ll add a new verse or few. That should give us all enough time to learn the Word before moving on to the next.

Do you have favourite Scriptures that have sustained, strengthened, encouraged, or liberated you? Do you have particular issues you need specific verses for? Simply add the reference in a comment and we’ll add them to the ongoing list.