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Feelings Or Faith Is A Constant Conflict For Believers — 6 Comments

    • Feeling or Faith is a constant conflict for believers, another powerful devotional. I had a revelation whilst reading this devotional; Co- dependency starts with “feelings”, especially feelings of unworthines and uncertainty that are associated with a lack of trust in God’s word. Faith is freedom, faith is action,
      faith is filled with obedience,
      commitment and consistency. So it’s clear to me, God is never hiding, it’s our feelings that block God’s work and the way we intellectulise those feelings. Obedience once again appears and to be the forward,not falling on our own understanding in times of crisis. Having faith in the indwelling spirit of God in all our ways. So our emotions help us to encompass the full spectrum of our life, but should not become dependent on our emotions for direction.

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      • Thank you for leaving your revelation. I’m having such a hard time with this and you just opened my eyes a little more to the root of the problem. Being a Christian is WAY harder than I could have ever imagined. It’s not just “go to church on Sunday and then live my life through the week” like I grew up watching. So when you finally become a true BORN AGAIN Christian (way later in life) and understand and realize that you’ve been doing EVERYTHING wrong, it’s easy to become uncertain and have feelings of unworthiness. It’s true that the right thing to do is trust and cling to God knowing that He is working. I do a lot of “kicking against the pricks” when it’s best just to have faith that God is working. Thanks again.

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