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Earthen Vessels Magnify The Perfect Power Of God — 1 Comment

  1. I discovered truth immutable 7 weeks ago, my life is filled with the Holy spirits witness now. Pride can be overcome with obedience to God. The Holy spirit must be given the opportunity to witness to you, this can only happen throu faith.

    Delayed gratification is the joy of waiting on the Lord. The reward is sweeter than honey. Its the perfect place to be as Christians. We should wait on the Lords timing. We are being moulded, thank god for his mercy and grace.
    If pride takes control we will make a fault/false start . Then the process will turn into stagnation and the frustration will cause pride to grow deeper.

    Praise be to God.

    My the Lord equip me with the courage to wait ✋ on him to change my circumstances.

    🙏🏾 Amen

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