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The Dominion Of Sin Is Sustained By Our Choices — 2 Comments

  1. The Dominion of sin is sustained by our choices, its about consent. If we give consent to sin then the architecture of that sin starts to construct itself in our lives. Sin has a downward momentum, it is captivating and totally choice related. Recognising sin when one is in the heavy grips of it comes from the gift of God’s love. We are sorounded by divine love, it’s multidimensional and brings peace and joy with it. What becomes evident when sin is cultivated is the separation that occurs, the separation from our true embodiment. We are chirist beings not satanic beings. We have a covenent with Christ and not with the ani-christ. Separation from Chrisit consciousness is a ani- christ process, reconciliation is the antidote. I give thanks for the ministry of reconciliation that was started in the garden of Eden.

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