devotional booksTruth Immutable posts have been compiled into challenging and inspiring daily devotional books. As new items are posted, they will be added to the next new book until sufficient devotionals are reached to publish the collection. Due to the length of some posts, these devotionals may be spread over a few days, allowing time to digest, meditate, or make additional study around the topic as you feel led by the Spirit in your quiet time.

They are available in both Kindle and Print editions on Amazon. Should you prefer a pdf version, please use the contact form to order. I will revert with a Paypal invoice, and forward your pdf on receipt of payment. There is, unfortunately, no ‘payment gateway’ for Paypal available. This is because the purpose of this site never has been, nor ever will be, commercial. Any proceeds from these devotional books goes towards the costs of maintaining the site. Making pdf versions available is simply a way provide for those who would like the book but do not have a Kindle and cannot pay the full price of the print book.

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I hope that these devotional books bless you as much as I have been blessed in the writing of them. His Word is eternal. It is Truth Immutable, the truth that will impact your life in little and large ways and draw you closer to His heart as you draw near to Him through His Word.