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  1. Praise the Lord, Hi, my name is Emello Mackey, First of all, I pray that all,is well,with. One of my daughter n laws, has a bitter spirit toward me. There are several people who feel shes bíter towards them as well.,she put on a Great act of i Love You, to the point if you don tpknow her, you’d think she love me.. i hurt in my heart for two reasons, 1 She is a believer, and two she’s my Daughter in Law. It’s been many many years, almost 15 years. I feel so clumsy around her. I’ve search my heart to see if it’s me, is repented for the thing I know and for the things I don’t know. I thank you for your wisdom, because I believe we’re on the road of recovery, When you said “GRACE” I felt a ese-up in my heart. Thank you

  2. This word Hebrews 12:15 came silently into my heart this afternoon , hence my search for deeper meaning that linked me here.
    I have been in bitterness towards some people who have hurt me so so painful and deeply.
    Thanks for the great insight and guide.
    GOD bless you richly. Amen

  3. It is nice to hear biblical truth. I was really close to God and his word but I let bitterness grow in me because of some hurtful people in my life. I know it’s wrong and I need to get close to Jesus to overcome this. Thank you for being a messenger.

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