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The Broad Place Is The Heart And Delight Of God — 13 Comments

  1. If we understand the meaning why YaHUaH said to Mosheh “take off your shoes for you are standing on Holy ground”
    Then we now understand the whole concept of the command to Mosheh. All the world is His Holy Ground. Man polluted YHVH’s Holy ground through our sinful filthy lives.
    YHVH took Mosheh and put on him Holy Shoes so that he can walk with the Holy One to be used by YHVH in HIS presence to lead His people out into the Holy presences to the promised Land. There YHVH took Mosheh and put him into the Broadspace. So that Mosheh can deight in the Presence of the Eternal and be empowered by the Almighty to walk in the Broad Life and Power of the Most Holy One,because there is none other than The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.When HE said to Mosheh “I AM that I AM” only then did he understood his calling on his life and walked in obedience with the Eternal One.
    Wow what an Awesome Word from an Awesome Being of love and care to deliver any one from the narrow to the Broad way of HIS delight if we are willing to walik with HIM in Holiness and be HIS delight

  2. Thank you much for this writing. My assignment is to pray for the body of Christ globally and this morning I felt so strongly that God is setting us in a broad place after this covid-19 pandemic season. He is putting a distinction for His children. As I researched I found this God bless you.

  3. this is meaningful in one sense, yes, a sort of deliverance? but Jesus also said ”the way is steep and the road is narrow and few there are that find it”??

  4. Hello,

    I really took time reading your blog post. This morning I read Psalms 118:5 and went to search for the meaning of a broad place. As I was searching I was lead to your blog post. The way you write made it easier for me to understand what the broad place was and in a spiritual way. Thank you for taking the time to write this. It opened my eyes to the word of God.

  5. I have been struggling with some decisions and as I was walking this morning talking with Holy Spirit, He showed me the narrowness of the sidewalk verses the road and how some were on one or the other. He then told me that the broad road was the place of freedom. (It reminded me of when I used to roller skate. Would I want to skate on a sidewalk or on a big road…of course the open space. ) He then said I would rather you RISK than stay comfortable and complacent. He said even though the road is more hazardous than the narrow sidewalk, you have more freedom. As I read this article, it really confirmed in my Spirit what He was showing me for my life. However, He was showing me in the sense that some Christians take the safe space and not venture into the broad, where He has more of His power, Presence, and purpose. I want everything He has for me in the broad place and you were able to shed light on this subject for me! Thank you for your insight!

  6. This article was surly inspired by the Holy Ghost. I pray God continually blessed you for your obedience for writing it. I struggled with understanding the broad place when I read Psm. 118. I was led to read this article and it blessed my life tremendously. The Lord has recently broad me out of narrow a place. The amazing thing my understanding has be opened after and reading this article and when I went back to now read more of the Psm because I always stopped at verse 5 because I could not fully understand what it meant. And as I read on, I was reminded a promise that God made to me many yrs ago that I thought I had lost because I believed what the enemy was telling me. The enemy has literally been trying to take me out, but God said I will live and deal in a broad place. So today I believe & declare God’s word when He said ” I shall not die but live to declare His works. He has chasten me severely, but He has not given me over to death.” Bless you!

  7. God bless you. I could not understand the broad place while reading Psalm 118:5 but I have been so blessed by your article and I do believe I was led by the Holy Spirit to read this. Amazing. Thank you so much.

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