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The Breastplates Of Righteousness And Judgement — 3 Comments

  1. I was looking for the first time binding and loosing was used in the bible. The search took me here to the breastplate of the high priest. The picture posted here is a young high priest. I think it represents Jesus. His righteousness and judgements are true. He can be trusted with binding and loosing of things. His will on earth as it is in heaven. I want to be part of this since He has made us kings and priests unto God. My prayer is that i may loose as Jesus loosed, and bind as Jesus bound. He is coming soon and the whole world will be judged. Thankful for the Mercy Seat in the heavenly sanctuary

  2. I thought this article was really good. I liked the way you pointed out that both breastplate go over the heart. I also never thought about the fact that the twelve stones with twelve tribles inscribed on them represented every man, woman, and child. God truly thought of everything.

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