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Absolute Faith Is The Kind That Empowers Others — 3 Comments

  1. This was such a blessing to read and an affirmation of what God is about to do in my life and the door He’s opening, even as I’m writing this. Thank you Lord, for taking me from NEGATIVE faith (my own beliefs and manifestations based on what I’ve seen/experienced in the past or what I see in front of me; primarily rooted in doubt and fear; still considered faith because assurance of it brought it to pass), to REAL faith (the bíblical “not by sight” faith;) , to “KNOWING” faith (faith that remembers what God has done in the past and “knows” that for God nothing is impossible because has seen Him do “it” in the past), and now, to ABSOLUTE FAITH–a concept only He could’ve laid in my spirit because I had no idea of the term itself. The word literally came to me out of nowhere during my devotional. God is so gracious, that not only does He give us a word of ‘what He’s doing’ for us, but He takes us by the hand and grows us by leading us through different levels of faith–because He knows that’s the level of faith we NEED in order to make that supernatural thing to come to pass. Hallelujah!!! Thank you for not leaving me to my own devices to try to conjure up faith on my own–that would not have been possible. 3/3/2021

  2. Faith, trust and obey was absolutely strong faith in God Almighty. Walk with Jesus and abide in his words was absolute faith. Nothing can changed the absolute truth in God’s book the Bible. God bless.

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