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What Take Up Your Cross Really Means For Believers — 1 Comment

  1. The interpretation you are making regarding Jesus statement is Pharisaical. It is a hopeless endeavor that cannot fulfil Jesus’ absolute requirement, if interpreted in this way. Jesus requires an absolute denial and death of self. When will we have denied ourselves enough? When will we have sufficiently taken up our cross through suffering?

    I can say that I have denied myself, I have taken up my cross, as Jesus meant and as Paul taught. What you are teaching sets before the people of God what the Pharisees loved and what only burdens the people of God.

    Jesus’ teaching about denying ourselves and taking up our cross is about becoming saved, our conversion, not about our discipleship. Our discipleship can only ever be imperfect, but you are requiring it to be measured by Jesus’ absolute requirement for coming after Him.

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