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Understanding The Will Of God Is To Be Wise — 4 Comments

  1. I’m glad I found Truth Immutable! You have been a tremendous Blessing! Praying God’s continued Grace over your ministry!

  2. Thank you so I really appreciate this great work,I pray may God increase you.
    Please there’s something I want you to throw more light on for me. When we talk about faith I believe it’s when you’re being carton or sure of something or someone ? Now , for an example, there’s a blind man from Nigeria, that always hearing a rumour of a powerful man of God in Canada that God has been using to hill people, although he has been planning going there but there was no money,even someone he knows so well that was all so blind went there and came back hilled , so lucky he was opportune to gather the money for flight and every other thing to take him down there,then by getting there he was not hill and he came back the same. So please I want you to throw more light on it for me to know after he has been hearing how God has been using this man of God to pray and people get hill ,and even the man he knows so well went there and was hilled so I want to know the mind he went there with.was if faith or feelings?

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