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Touch Not My Anointed Misused By The Church — 3 Comments

  1. This is wonderful and well elaborated. You have said it all. God will save us from those who uses words of God to intimidate, deceive the vulnerable and less privileged. It is becoming out of order that so call man of God are using words of God wrongly to enrich their pocket. God will reward them. May God bless you.

  2. I appreciated your clarifications of Psalm 105:15. “Anointed , prophets, and harming.”
    I have not thought of the deceiving positions in churches using this as covers to shield selfish control and manipulations. That was thought provoking.
    I received word today about traditional reservation witchcraft in that world being used against me.
    I am confirming with my children and grandchildren that I am not surprised and neither is, “ Abba Father.” therefore my peace and to have compassion of understanding that someone with so much hate can waste their energy to even think to attempt on destroying a blood relative, (much less remember me even in a negative sense) using satanic rituals, against a spirit filled, set apart servant for the Kingdom of JEHOVAH-ElOHIM Yahweh Yeshua Ruach Hakodesh.
    This gives me an opportunity for Kingdom work and drawing closer in Godly relationship to the Godhead.
    And that we are covered with the Blood of Jesus Christ, He shed in Calvary for us.
    I want my immediate family to grow in faith with Christ Jesus and know that blindness of the world is taken care of our Heavenly Father God. I reminded them that through the Bible, people who do such things were dealt with by our Protector Abba Father, throughout the old and new testaments.
    So I reassured them not to worry, it’s just one more thing to do pray about for their salvation, because eternity is torment and the fire is never quenched forever.
    My response is always, that God our Father, does not want anyone lost. He loves everyone and the main deceiver, (the devil) crafts thoughts and actions because (it) wants company to take as many as (it) can to eternal fire and separation from God Adonai.
    Therefore, I thought to look up this scripture about doing harm to God’s anointed and saw your breakdown of this verse. Thank you very much.
    My peace is doubly reinforced to stay/continue tracking with Holy Spirit’s discernment and guidance with prayers, reading the awesome words of God, and through fasting.
    My personal relationship has been
    insighted once again and I praise the Trinity for your ministry. Thank you.

  3. I sincerly appreciated the teaching on Touch Not My anointed Do My Prophets No Harm. I was in a church once where the leadership was out of order in his behavior and ministry and anyone who attempted to question him was perceived as a trouble maker. He had so much control over the congregation that they believed what ever he said and had a blind eye to the truth. The leadership attempted to assassinate the character of the believer who questioned his false leadership. This happened many years ago. I prayed for this pastor’s restoration because prior to this he had great vision for the church and was leading it in a positve direction.

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