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Presumptuous Sins Are Ultimate Rebellion Against God — 2 Comments

  1. YesI struggle with this as well. I was very stupid to commit this sin against the Holy God after I serve Him for so long. I am really worried if I die today that I will go to hell because God will cut me off. I repent and feel really bad that I failed God so badly and wish I never did it. How do I know God forgave me and that He will not send me to hell on judgement day or is that something that no one knows until that day. I cant sleep in the evening and living in fear everyday.

  2. Thank you for this article. I’m trying to come back to God and repent of past and even present struggle/rebellion towards what I feel His will is for me. I’m struggling with condemnation though. Why is it so hard to surrender? I’m 52 now and struggling to hear Him. I want to hear Him more clearly and I know that repentance and faith are essential to this. I’m also struggling to believe for His forgiveness. I wish I had been more sober years ago. I really do love and value what Jesus did for me on the cross. It hurts my heart that I’ve hurt Him and myself in the process. I hate the shallow mindset that I set out with in my early 20s. I NEED HIM SO BADLY and find myself trying so hard but worry that I’m getting caught up in works instead. Am I alone in this and are there testimonies of those who have gone to the dark slide of the moon and returned to tell about it?

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