I have a particular passion for the people of God who have yet to walk in the fullness of the Gospel as well as those who do not know Jesus. These devotionals aim to challenge, encourage, inspire, and liberate. They explore the promises in God’s precious Word and our response to to all He has done for us. The call and anointing on my life is to rebuild the temple – those still to come as well as those believers still struggling to live in the full Gospel and the resurrection life it brings. In all things, I seek to help believers draw near to God in real faith and to build a relationship of intimacy and true worship, living with rejoicing and thanksgiving in the full message of the cross. God has not changed. He is still the God of power as He was at Pentecost and is able to transform each one of us to fulfill the individual purpose He has for our lives.

For deeper relationship, consider our Gird with the Word Challenge or Bible Reading Plans.


receive power
kingdom tribulations
sovereign God
kingdom work
loved by God
spiritual accountability
committed prayer
accepted by God
worship offering
believe God
earthly temple
step out in faith
do good
Jesus will
spiritual protection
more Jesus
seek God
faithful God
believe and confess
believe the Gospel